Tips for a healthy and happy festive season

Tips for a healthy and happy festive season

As exciting as the festive is, the fun is often precipitated by an awful lot to do and finding balance can be a challenge.

A few simple tips to help you regain some balance and keep up at this time of year:

1. Make time for quiet personal time: take a walk on the beach or with the dog, have a cup of tea and read a book or your favourite magazine, water the garden, be present in the moment or try a few yoga stretches.

2. Practice saying ‘no’: if saying yes means you are stretching yourself only to then burn out, it is worth finding ways around this or saying no, kindly. You can only give what you have, if you are feeling at the end of your tether and need a quiet night in, then go for it.

3. Dietary: Nutrients can often be lacking in the general festive diet of eating out, alcohol and sugary treats. Delicious Christmas treats can easily be over-indulged on, and often not just for 1-2 days. Here are a few tips to support your system while you still enjoy the decadence of Christmas:

  • Keep up your vegetable intake – aim to have some at each and every meal
  • Keep up with regular meals: skipping meals makes you more likely to indulge in sugar, large portions or both
  • Support the liver – try Artemis Liver Detox tea before eating out to assist with digestion and bloating and supporting detoxification within the body
  • Moderation is a good thing – enjoy your treats as opposed to allowing guilt to take over the experience.

4. Skin: Safe sun exposure increases our Vitamin D levels, which help support mood, bone density and reduces inflammation. Some of our favourite sunblock’s include: Synergie Uber Zinc; Coola Sunscreen and Skinnies – all available at The Holistic Medical Centre.

5. Keep Hydrated The holiday season usually involves running around in the sun. Hydration at this time is very important, aim to have 2.5 litres of water daily (this does not include caffeinated beverages). If drinking water is something you struggle with, add a few slices of cucumber, or seasonal berries or citrus fruit. If you exercise frequently especially outdoors, make sure you have electrolytes added into your water (without the sugar is a better option) we recommend the Elete Electrolyte drops mixed in with some fresh lemon juice.