Tarns Tester

Dr Mark Craig 

MbChB FRNZCGP MRCGP MRCS (Surgery) Bsc IBLM (Lifestyle Medicine)



Mark is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners. He is passionate about treating the causes of disease rather than just the symptoms in order to reverse or minimise disease in his patients. He practices general medicine, with medications and procedures where beneficial, but with a focus on, and primarily, facilitating the treatment of the reversible lifestyle factors which are responsible for the majority of our health conditions. These lifestyle factors are firstly diet, but also sleep quality, stress levels, mental health and relationship quality, exercise regime, and toxin avoidance. 

Diseases very amenable to lifestyle interventions include heart and stroke disease and their risk factors – blood pressure and high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, Autoimmune disease, dementias and less severe diseases. The diet indicated by the scientific literature to treat or prevent these conditions, and which Mark promotes, is a whole foods, plant based diet. Fortunately, this allows one to eat a huge variety of tasty and filling foods, with no portion size nor calorie restriction necessary. Once transitioned, most people experience improved health and wellbeing rapidly, such that they greatly enjoy eating this way and are able to adhere to it easily. 

Mark is from Essex in the UK and attended medical school in Edinburgh. He initially trained in surgery and then general practice, moving to Auckland in 2010. He performs minor surgery and has considerable experience in Ear Nose and throat medicine.

Outside of medicine, he enjoys outdoor adventures and triathlons, having competed for New Zealand age groups on several occasions overseas, and also actively enjoys the arts in all their forms. He has two young sons who also keep him busy.

He looks forward to helping you achieve your health goals.