Gracela Gregorio

            Master of Osteopathy, DOMP

Gracela is interested in helping her patients to continue doing what they love to do.  Her osteopathic education in both New Zealand
and Canada allows her to treat using a structural approach but also loves using
the cranial and visceral method of treatment.
This allows her to individualize the treatments for her patients. 

Her strengths lie in her ability to understand and consider all aspects that are
connected to her patients’ pain adopting a holistic approach to treatment.  She also believes that the patient take an active role in their health and well-being and incorporates strategies that help her patients’ self-manage.  She
enjoys treating pregnant women, babies, athletes and weekend warriors,
gardeners and anyone who simply want to keep moving.

Gracela has competed in numerous endurance races from marathon, Ironman triathlon, cycling around Lake Taupo and Coast to Coast and has first-hand experience with niggling injuries.  But she also enjoys her downtime and can usually be found in the kitchen whipping up a hearty, well balanced meal for her family or exploring with new recipes.

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                         Rachel Perkins

                   Master of Osteopathy

Rachel enjoys working with people of all ages, lifestyles, backgrounds and all shapes and sizes. She will work with you to create the right management plan individualised for you. Rachel uses a holistic approach working with a variety of techniques to tailor treatment to your needs.

 Among her strengths, is her ability to empathise and really listen to her patients to best understand them, leading to a special interest in hypermobility and other chronic pain conditions. She also enjoys helping with those day to day aches and pains so you can live life to its fullest potential, and helping to achieve your goals.

 In her down time, Rachel enjoys exploring her artistic and creative side. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, family and friends.

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