Selina Singh
Bachelor of Natural Medicine – South Pacific College of Natural Medicine

Selina is a degree qualified naturopath and medicinal herbalist. She has a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience, including previous experience working with patients in general practice.  

Her areas of expertise include women’s health, depression, anxiety, hormone disorders including, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility and pregnancy, thyroid, adrenal health, cardiovascular health and diet and lifestyle adjustments for weight-loss. She considers the person as a whole and addresses well being for the mind and body. She enjoys helping others to achieve their optimum state of being by having a better understanding of their health and assisting them to implement sustainable lifestyle and nutrition choices to achieve long term wellness.  She is registered with the New Zealand Society of Naturopath’s.

Selina is a keen gardener, grows her own organic vegetables and fruits, enjoys cooking and keeping up a healthy lifestyle.