Hormone Balance

Hormone Balance

Hormones are a hot topic, it seems everyone is finally talking about them. The lives we lead can create a huge impact on our hormone balance leading us to feel like we’re going slightly crazy!

You are not alone. You may have ticked all the boxes in life…. job, house, partner, travel, recreational activities, but something is just not right. Your moods swing, you’re not sleeping well and you’ve started experiencing anxiety. PMT is off the charts, those hot flushes are getting you down, your family and friends notice something is off and you just don’t feel right!

Your clever sophisticated hormonal feedback systems have been affected by a myriad of things; those regular takeaways, too much alcohol, over the counter medications taken for that weekly headache, daily double espresso to get you going in the morning, pressure to meet the deadline and pressure to organise the family gathering.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals can also interfere with our own endocrine (or hormonal) systems. Some examples of these are beauty products, cleaning products, dioxin, PCB’s, pesticides, synthetic hormones in food and animal products.

If any of these sounds like your life, the first thing you can do to is come in and see us at the Holistic Medical Centre for a full and comprehensive assessment and functional testing. It could be as simple as a saliva sample, some blood tests or a dried urine test of comprehensive hormones (DUTCH test). These results will help us determine what your hormones are doing, and from there one of our practitioners will guide you through your analysis and prepare a simple treatment plan to help put you at ease immediately.

Menstrual cycles are on average once a month; therefore in order to assess how treatment is progressing it is necessary to follow a plan for at least 3 months to gauge the affects on your cycle. Some people get immediate relief with changes to diet and lifestyle, others need to take a recommended supplement regime for 3-6 months to help balance hormones. Most pertinent is learning how to manage stress. Stress can be actual or perceived, which places an extra load on the mind and body affecting us physically and psychologically. Learning techniques to bring the mind and body into a relaxed state will be of benefit to your hormones too, by helping to bring balance.