Fees Explained

Enrolment Explained

Holistic Medical Centre is a member of ProCare PHO (Primary Health Organisation).

In addition to meeting quality standards required of member practices this means the Holistic Medical Centre receives a subsidy for patients who are enrolled with our practice. This subsidy is passed onto enrolled and funded patients in the form of reduced fees.

Enrolling with the Holistic Medical Centre means that it is your intent for the Holistic Medical Centre to be the primary provider of your health needs. This enables our team to know you and your family, deliver continuity of care and ensure you are contacted and followed up for your routine health screens.

Funding is not provided to the practice immediately and only on a monthly bases thereafter.  The reception team can  answer any questions you have around the timing of your enrollment, funded status and when reduced fees are applicable.

How do I enroll?

Please complete and sign the enrolment form and return it to the practice in person or by post. The practice is required to hold the original signed form so if you choose to scan and email please be aware that you will be asked to sign the form when you next visit the practice. Forms are also available at reception.

Everyone over the age of sixteen is required to sign an enrolment form individually.

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Can I remain a Casual patient?

Yes. A number of our patients prefer to keep a local GP for their acute health needs and see us for holistic care. The only difference is the fee, you will pay casual rates as your government subsidy resides with your usual GP. Casual patients are requested to provide consent to the GP to view any available results on TESTSAFE.