Information for Patients

Information for Patients

Our mission at the Holistic Medical Centre is to take the best possible care of our patients. We do this by combining conventional and natural healthcare, by focusing on a preventative approach to our patients long term well being and by empowering our patients to take an active role in their future health. To deliver on a holistic approach to healthcare well takes time so our consultations are booked for 30 minutes or longer.

At the Holistic Medical Centre we incorporate Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) this means in addition to providing conventional medical options & advice our GPs may also recommend nutritional supplements, functional testing or that you see an allied health practitioner who is not recognised by the NZ Medical Council e.g. naturopath

Where there is an alternative option to conventional medicine this will also be discussed with you to ensure you are able to make an informed choice about your options. These may include high quality (practitioner only) nutritional supplements as part of your treatment plan or extensive blood or functional testing as part of the diagnostics. Our practitioners receive no financial gain from prescribing these products or tests and it is the patient’s choice to purchase these or not. A range of high quality practitioner only supplements are available at the practice for the convenience of the patient. Patient’s may choose to purchase supplement products elsewhere.

Although we are a holistic medical practice we do prescribe pharmaceutical medications such as antibiotics and blood pressure medication. When appropriate patients will be given advice on both conventional medical and natural treatment alternatives and it is your choice as to which treatment to pursue. Consent will be noted in your medical notes.

If you are seeing a naturopath at our practice please be aware to ensure your safety and optimise your treatment our naturopaths can review your medical notes and document their naturopath consult notes in your medical records. If you prefer for this not to be the case please inform your naturopath or reception at the time of making your appointment.

Enrolled patients

If you have enrolled with us – thank you for choosing to make us your primary provider and your usual general practice. We look forward to looking after your health.

You can expect the enrolled rate on GP consultations and texts to remind you when you are due for immunisations and screening services e.g. smear, breast screen etc. To assist you in taking a proactive preventative approach to your health we will also invite you to have an annual check up if we have not seen you for 12 months.

The Holistic Model, GP & Naturopath consultations

As we work as a team, dependent on your health issue and preference, you may see either a GP or a naturopath or a combination of the two.

To deliver holistic medicine well takes time so our consultations are usually 30 minutes or longer.

Shorter or longer consultations

We do offer 15 minute GP consultations.

These are largely reserved for children and enrolled patients who are presenting with an acute symptom that needs to be assessed and treated with some urgency or at the request of your GP.

Examples include: fever with or without rash, vomiting, diarrhoea, cough / bronchitis, cold / Flu, sinus infection, urinary tract infection, cuts and bites, accident / injury, ear infection, throat infection / tonsillitis, follow up appointments.

You may book 30 minute appointments on the patient portal (Health 365), please ask reception if your wish to register. For 15, 45 or 60 minute appointments please book by calling the practice / at reception.

Patient Portal

Manage your health online. Subscribe to our portal (Health 365) to

  • book a 30min GP appointment (for acute or longer appointments please call reception)
  • book a Naturopath appointment;
  • order repeat prescriptions; and
  • access your lab results

See our website or ask reception for more information.

Consultation Charges

Fees are available on our website and at the practice.

Wait time

We respect your time and aim to run to schedule.  To help us do so please be on time for your appointment.

If you are late for an appointment, to ensure this does not negatively impact the patient booked after you, your appointment time may be shortened and full consultation charges applied or the next patient may be seen resulting in you being required to wait.

If your needs exceed the consultation time booked, and the doctor/naturopath has the time available they may extend your consultation time, but please be aware that you will be charged for a longer consultation.


Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment; this gives us time to offer the appointment to someone on the cancellation list.

If less than 24 hours’ notice is given or you do not arrive for your appointment, you may be charged.

Blood Tests

Patients often ask us why they can’t get their bloods done before they see the doctor / naturopath. Identifying what bloods are required is part of the assessment / diagnosis process. As per medical best practice our doctors do not issue lab forms without seeing the patient for a consultation.

Repeat lab forms / labs ordered by our naturopaths are issued at the doctor’s discretion.


Blood and Lab results are available to view via the patient portal.

Patients may not be routinely notified of normal results. If it is considered beneficial to optimise levels or some other input such as nutritional advice is recommended you will be contacted and requested to make a follow up appointment with the GP, naturopath or nurse.

If you have any queries regarding your results please contact the nurse.

Repeat Prescription / Referral

Often repeat scripts will be able to be completed on the same day but please allow a minimum of 24 hours to process a repeat script. Charges are $20 or $22 if faxed to a pharmacy.

Individual requirements

If you require specific individual arrangements please let reception know at the time of booking.


In an emergency please call 111 otherwise please call our practice number

09 370 0650 to speak to a registered nurse for free medial advice. They will refer you to the nearest Accident and Medical or hospital if you need to see a doctor.


We strive to continuously improve our practice.

If you have any feedback or wish to make a compliant please email

or contact Tania Wealleans, our Managing Director.

For more information

Please visit our website or call reception