A healthier approach to healthcare

Our Vision

Our vision at the Holistic Medical Centre is to deliver the best of both worlds. To bring together the best of scientific and natural medicine with the best practitioners to deliver a new standard in healthcare – so you can enjoy the best of health.

That means we aren’t restrained by either conventional or natural medicine. Rather, the two work hand-in-hand to create the best possible health outcomes for our patients. Nor are we restrained by traditional ‘15 minute’ consultations. Instead, we believe in taking longer to get to know you and really understand your health concerns, so we can better resolve them. Central to this approach is building a trusted and long-term relationship between our patients and our practitioners, so we can support you towards better health. 

We believe in best practice, and we believe in hiring the best practitioners. Our GPs are passionate about integrative medicine and work closely with our registered and experienced Naturopaths. We work together as a team and with you to diagnose and treat your health  issues, supporting you to achieve your long-term health goals and empowering you to take an active preventative approach to your health and wellbeing.

As partners in your good health we take the time to listen to your history and develop a good understanding of the genetic, environmental, lifestyle and nutritional factors that can impact on your wellbeing and long-term health. Once we’ve got to know you, we work with you to develop a  treatment plan that addresses any existing health issues and to implement any lifestyle or nutritional changes needed to maintain your very best health and wellbeing.

We believe it’s a healthier way to deliver healthcare: our patients do too.

For further information and important policies please read HMC Welcome & Information for Patients