The best of natural and conventional medicine


Welcome to the Holistic Medical Centre

At the Holistic Medical Centre our Doctors collaborate with our Naturopath to deliver the best of natural and conventional medicine, lifestyle and nutritional advice.

We work with you to achieve optimal health and well-being by:

  • Treating the person not the symptom. We take the time to get to know you. We listen to your history to get a good understanding of the genetic, environmental, lifestyle and nutritional factors that can impact well being, long-term health and complex or chronic diseases;
  • Performing comprehensive blood tests and a thorough review of nutritional, hormonal and other results to identify the underlying cause of health issues;
  • Developing a comprehensive evidence-based treatment plan for management of symptoms, recovery, achieving and maintaining optimal health.
  • Promoting screening and preventative health.

Our standard consultation time is 30 minutes and we recommend new patients book 45 mins to one hour for the first consultation.

We do also book Acute 15 minutes consultations. Acute consultations are for enrolled patients who are presenting with an acute symptom that needs to be assessed and treated with some urgency.

Where appropriate to the treatment plan, nutritional supplements may be recommended as an alternative or in addition to pharmaceutical medicines. We stock a large range of very high quality practitioner-only products. All products are prescribed by a practitioner within the context of a consultation.